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Avéne Skin Care Products

Avène has over 270 years of expertise in caring for sensitive skin and is trusted by millions worldwide.

At the heart of their products is Avène Thermal Spring Water, a natural soothing source clinically shown by over 150 studies to soothe, soften and calm the skin.


Dedicated To Sensitive Skin

Originating from the Cévennes Mountains in Avène, France, Avéne Thermal Spring water is a combination of pure rain mixed with sea spray and is rich in mineral salts.

Avéne Thermal Spring Water is produced and packaged under sterile conditions thus preserving its soothing and anti-irritating properties. With each spray, the Water is released completely intact, pure and clear, as if you were drawing it directly from the spring.

Over 150 stringent biological, pharmacological and clinical studies have clearly demonstrated the soothing, softening and calming benefits of Avène Thermal Spring Water.

Avéne Products & Benefits

Avéne have developed a full range of skincare products with thermal spring water as the key ingredient.  All Avéne products are produced without preservatives or paraben.

“To Give Sensitive Skin The Extra Safety it Needs”

Avéne Thermal Spring Water based products are designed to help people who suffer from sensitive skin. Products have been created to treat a range of skin conditions including:

>Ageing Skin (Anti Ageing)

>Blemish Prone Skin (Acne)

>Dry and Dehydrated Skin

>Redness Prone Skin

>Shaving rash

>Sensitive To Hyper Sensitive Skin


>Irritated and Broken Skin

We also stock a range of Avéne sun creams for sensitive skin.

Avéne Product Range

Cunningham’s Pharmacy in Bray, Co Wicklow is an approved stockist of Avéne skincare products.

Thermal Spring Water


Avéne Thermal Spring Water

For Dry & Itchy Skin


Avéne Xeracalm Range

For Irritated Skin

Avéne Skin Recover Cream

Avéne Skin Recovery Cream

For Redness Prone Skin

Avéne Anti-Rougeurs Jour Cream

Avéne Anti-Rougeurs Jour Cream

For Dehydrated Skin


Avéne Hydrance

For Blemish Prone Skin

Avéne Cleansing Wash

Avéne Cleansing Wash

Complementary Care


Avéne Soothing Eye Contour Cream

Anti Ageing Skincare


Avéne Physio Lift Range

First Aid For Skin Care


Avéne Cicalfate